Horse Grooming Gloves

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The Grooming Gloves is the easiest, fastest and healthiest way to groom your horse (will work also with your dogs, cats, goats, rabbits and other pets). It’s made for any size or breed, and can be used on the entire body so you get every loose hair. Groom and massage your horses at the same time! They will love it! 

Grooming Gloves are also great for arthritic hands.

How it works:
The Grooming Gloves uses soft rubber tips that your horse will love to gently massage and remove hair and dirt. Everything sticks to the soft glove surface so you can quickly throw it away when you’re done, keeping your horse clean.


  1. IMPROVES HEALTH – Textured glove surface promotes circulation and distributes natural oils for a healthy skin and coat as you brush. Recommended by grooming and pet care professionals.
  2. TESTED FOR ALL COAT TYPES – Designed for all breeds and hair types (long or short hair), and ideal for wet or dry grooming.
  3. FITS ALL HAND SIZES – Breathable mesh and flexible elastic design is made to fit comfortably with any hand size.
  4. WATER RESISTANT PALMS­ – Keeps your hands dry during wet brushing and bathing. Perfect for outdoor use, scrubbing, and pet baths.
  5. FULLY WASHABLE – The entire glove can be washed and air-dried as often as you’d like, so you’re never using a dirty surface to brush and comb your companion.
  6. SAVES TIME AND MONEY – No more cleaning loose hair off of couches, chairs, floors and beds. Use FitPup Grooming Deshedding Gloves regularly to collect loose hair before it becomes a problem!
  7. HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIALS – Grooming Deshedding Gloves are made of best-in-industry durable nylon material and designed to survive even the toughest treatment and years of use.
  8. COMES WITH 2 GLOVES – Each order includes 2 Grooming Deshedding Gloves (RIGHT and LEFT handed).

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