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How To Trim A Horse’s Bridle Path

Before you get down to how to trim a horse’s bridle path, you must realize why you need to trim the bridle path. The bridle path is the part of the horse that lies directly behind the horse’s ears and where the bridle rests. If your horse doesn’t have a trimmed bridle path, you could face the following situations:

  • The bridle getting tangled in the mane and becoming difficult to remove.
  • The bridle falling off, especially if you have a horse with a heavy mane and small ears.
  • Sores where the bridle gets entangled with the mane and causes hair pull.

To eliminate all these issues and to make your horse or pony presentable, especially if it is a show horse, you can trim the bridle path.

What you need to know before you trim the bridle path:

Figure out how big the bridle path should be. Opinions are divided with regard to the length of the bridle path:

  • Some believe it should be equal to the height of the horse’s ears.
  • Others opine that it should be at least a ‘hand’ – the breadth of your palm when measured horizontally.

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The Benefits Of Beet Pulp For Horses

You might have already heard the benefits of beet pulp for horses – the low calorie, healthy means of putting on weight – minus the sugar spike in the blood. But given that your pet’s health is on the line, it is always best to dig deeper into the merits and particulars of beet pulp for your horse. And so we bring you the general facts and figures before you can induce a beet pulp feed for your “hard keeper”.

Check out also the following video where Bunny Hendricks explains more about feeding beet pulp to your horse. To go slowly about it is the best course and it all depends on the type of pasture that you have. Talk to your vet who knows your horse best and the individual situation.

What is beet pulp?

Beet pulp is the super fiber left behind after sugar production. After sugar beets are processed – and they are not your regular garden beets, these look more like radishes – the pulp is processed into pellets or shreds and used as cattle feed.

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How Much Supplement Can You Add To Your Horse’s Feed?

Are you asking, “Is it ok to give my horse supplement and how much”?

Horse supplements are a matter of great consideration. Of course, you want to make sure that your horse grows healthy and strong. But before you mindlessly administer supplements, shouldn’t you first consider whether your horse at all needs them? And of course, are you just administering any supplements or the ones your horse really needs?
In comes the pertinent question…

Is it ok to give my horse supplements?

Well, the fact is that this differs from horse to horse – from situation to situation. If your horse has a deficiency, a need, that his regular diet is not supplying, then by all means your horse needs supplements.

On the other hand, it is usually agreed that hard-working horses or racehorses, that are very active, mainly need supplements because the forage in their diet isn’t adequate as a source. And of course, with other horses too, you may need to administer supplements based on what is missing in the forage found at your geographical location.

So, before you start adding supplements to your horse’s diet, always remember that every supplement has a particular purpose. This brings us to the next point…

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What To Feed My Horse?

Just like human beings, horses can also be extremely picky about their food.

Hence the constant worry – “what to feed my horse?”

The foods you offer to your equine friend might be nutritious – but whether you can get your horse to eat it is another matter… So, here’s our list of 5 healthy foods you can feed your horse without him turning away from them.

5 Nutrition packed foods no horse can push away:

#1: Grass:

Grass contains almost all the nutrients that your horse requires to stay healthy. It is also a good source of silica, which is good for equine dental health.

#2: Hay

Letting your horse feed on quality grass all through the year can be expensive, so you can alternate with hay instead. Grass hay is best for your horse. However, while choosing hay, take care that:

  • The grass hay is green, leafy fine-stemmed – they are the finest variety of hay.
  • It is soft to the touch.
  • The hay is not excessively sun-bleached or does not smell musty, moldy, fermented or dusty.
  • The haystack/bundle doesn’t have too much trash, dirt, weeds, or debris – they can cause your horse to have a stomach upset.
  • The hay does not show signs of insect infestation or other diseases. Allowing your horse to consume it would seriously compromise with his health.

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How to Protect Your Horse’s Eyes

Did you know that among the land mammals, horses have the largest eyes, which is probably why they are more prone to eye infections and problems? Now keeping a regular vigil on your horse’s eye is your responsibility – one which needs infinite patience and knowledge. The patience will be up to you, but we can help with the knowledge department, with the basics of horse-eye care…

First of all, what should a healthy horse’s eyes look like?

They should be:

  • Clear
  • Bright
  • Minimal tearing
  • Lids should be tight
  • The inside of the lids should be pale pink and moist

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The A,B,Cs Of How To Care For A Horse

Now you might be wondering how to care for a horse, but before you start out, you might want to know what you’ll need …just so that you don’t hurt or damage your horse in any way. And that involves knowing about the different aspects of taking care of your stallion/mare. So read on to learn all about the A,B,Cc of how to take care for a horse.

Horse Nutrition: what you eat shows in your health. The same applies to your stallion – if you don’t get a hang of his nutritional requirements, you might miscalculate and cause irreparable damage to your boy. This is especially true if you start out with a colt rather than an adult horse.

Grooming: apart from nutrition, you are equally responsible for your stallion’s grooming. His external appearance depends both on his diet and on how well you maintain him.

It doesn’t matter if your boy loves to canter around in the fields, frisk about in the mud, or is a quiet little thing that stands all day in the stalls. At any given point of time, he might be covered in mud, little dirt particles and his hair – despite its good looks – could be a mess of tangles.  Keep Reading

Horse Care Basics

Owning a horse usually means having quite a bit on your hands. Keeping your horse healthy is your no. 1 priority, but this isn’t always easy. In fact, when you have a horse care, you are likely to often face many problems. Like all pets, your horse, too, is prone to quite a few health conditions, and ideally, you should be able to deal with all these problems, at least primarily, before you can get a vet to look at your horse.

But this means that you need to have a good idea about basic horse care and how to deal with different situations and conditions. We’ve to anticipate a few of the common questions here:

Horse Care Basics

1.    What’s the best method for clipping horse hair?

You must have heard of Oster Clippers – but where do you buy them and what’s the actual purpose? And besides, you need to know how to use horse clippers before you even try using them for you don’t want to hurt your horse.

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39 Undeniable Signs That You Are True Horse Lover

There are many signs that you are a horse lover. We have collected the most common, check the list of how many of them you can observe.

Don’t forget to check our awesome gifts guides for horse lovers.

You are a real horse lover when…

  1. You go to the supermarket in your breeches and boots
  2. Your veterinarian is number one on your speed dial and your husband is number two
  3. You see a great looking guy riding a horse and only notice the horse
  4. You lean forward as your car goes over a speed bump
  5. You tie your tennis shoes in a quick release knot
  6. You walk behind your car and touch it so it knows you are there
  7. You’d rather muck stalls than clean your house Keep Reading

Which vaccinations does my horse need?

Horse vaccinations are a definite part of good horse care – and as with humans, with horses too, vaccinations are preventive measures. But unlike humans, horses need to be given vaccinations at least once a year –or even more frequently depending on their age, health condition etc.

So here’s a low down on all that you need to know about vaccination for your horse. Starting with…

What are the factors that vaccinating horses depends on?

  • Age: this is the primary factor – just like a human child will be given the necessary vaccinations within a year of birth, similarly a foal will need to be given the required vaccinations. Older horses also need frequent vaccination.
  • Health issues – a horse that is already in slightly poorer health will need more preventive measures against horse diseases – this involves regular vaccinations. A horse whose immunity is naturally high might do without very frequent vaccinations, but the core vaccines are a must for any and every horse.
  • Work – the kind of vaccines to be given also depend on the type of work it is involved in. A show horse might need a different vaccination schedule, while a farm horse will be vulnerable to different types of virus infections and will need a different vaccination schedule.

The bottom line is that every horse needs vaccination, some more frequently than others – and if you’re wondering about the schedule, then the vet will be the best person to decide that. And this scheduling is usually done in compliance with the guidelines laid down by the American Association of Equine Practitioners.

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Horse Gifts for Men

Contrary to popular belief, sometimes shopping for men can be difficult, especially for those with specific interests. We have found several gift ideas for the horse-loving man. These will make wonderful gifts that will not only be loved but also used on a daily basis.

#21 Money Clip

Every man could use one of these. Engravable to make it more personal and to be a constant reminder of the gift giver. Depending on your budget may be gold or silver sterling. 

#22 Business Card Holder

Gives absolute professional business appearance and make the clients and associates a great impression showing the passion at the same time.

#23 Key Rings

High-quality, elegant key rings and wedding rings made out of leather or sterling silver will combine functionality with the quality, making ordinary objects something extraordinary for the horse lover in your life.

#24 Wallet

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