39 Undeniable Signs That You Are True Horse Lover

There are many signs that you are a horse lover. We have collected the most common, check the list of how many of them you can observe.

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You are a real horse lover when…

  1. You go to the supermarket in your breeches and boots
  2. Your veterinarian is number one on your speed dial and your husband is number two
  3. You see a great looking guy riding a horse and only notice the horse
  4. You lean forward as your car goes over a speed bump
  5. You tie your tennis shoes in a quick release knot
  6. You walk behind your car and touch it so it knows you are there
  7. You’d rather muck stalls than clean your house
  8. You go on vacation and call twice a day to check on the horses and forget to ask about the kids
  9. Your friends and family check the barn before the house to see if you are home
  10. You’re spending more money on hay to make your horse “go” than gas for your car
  11. Your hairstyle is determined by how well it’ll fit underneath a helmet
  12. All the “good carrots” are saved for your horse but the “bad carrots” go into the pot of stew you’re fixing for dinner
  13. Your horse’s shampoo is more expensive than your human shampoo
  14. Your horse’s stable is spotless and your house is always a mess
  15. You keep your heels down when riding your bike
  16. You cluck at people you want to move
  17. You use the same brush as your horse
  18. You touch people’s shoulders when you want to walk around them
  19. You walk your dog with a lead rope instead of a leash
  20. Your horses are better groomed than you are
  21. The only shoes you have are covered in mud and manure
  22. You start poking people in the ribs and saying “over” instead of “excuse me”
  23. You have more pics with horses than with your friends and family
  24. You have 3 pairs of cowgirl boots and no high heels
  25. You know your kids’ friends by their horse’s names
  26. You have horse treats in your pockets wherever you go
  27. You are asked what you want for your birthday and you say “equipment for my horse”
  28. You cancel your doctor appointment just so your horse can go to his vet checkup
  29. You spend more money on breeches and boots than clothes
  30. You are willing to spend more money on your horse than yourself
  31. You buy your horse Christmas gifts
  32. Your nickname is your horse’s name
  33. You’d rather be on a horse than in a mall
  34. You know the vet’s number by heart, and you have to look your husband’s number up
  35. Your email address has your horse’s name in it
  36. You always wear a horse themed jewelry
  37. You can easily remember your horse’s birthday, but it takes you awhile to remember your friends’ or family’s
  38. You buy your daughter a 15.3 hh “pony” for Christmas even though she’s only 6 months old!
  39. Your kids and friends are constantly picking hay out of your hair.

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