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Pony Parade

Pony Parade

Schleich models (1:24th scale and measuring approx. 12cm L x 10cm H) are made from durable solid material which make them ideal for younger children or new collectors. Each horse is individually hand painted and are accurately detailed to represent his or her individual breed. These models come with a wide range of accessories and props that are perfect for all ages. Start with one model and watch your collection grow!

New for 2015

In this section you will find the items that are new for this year. Keep checking this section as it is regularly updated as products arrive!

Schleich Horses

Each Schleich horse is hand painted and accurately detailed to represent their individual breeds. Lots of horses to choose from!

Stables & Giftsets

The place every Pony Parade model would like to call home. Stables crafted from wood and plastic with lots of play value in mind.

Stable Accessories

Created your own mini stableyard with our accessories including fencing, feed, haybales, tool sets and a grooming kit.


The Tack Room

From Dressage to Western, Showjumping to General Riding, we have tack for every discipline aswell as rugs to keep your models warm and cosy.

Yard Accessories

Create many different equine activities and adventures with the items in this section. Also featuring the must have Truck & Trailer!

Riders & Figures

Complete your collection with riders and figures for your horses. We have riders for every occasion and profession- Jumping, Dressage & More!

Scenery Centre

Find all your floral accessories here. Trees for your paddocks and flower boxes to brighten your yard aswell as materials to create your own setup.