Model Horse

The Model Horse Hobby has been around in the UK for many years. It began back in the 1950s and has developed into a extremely fun, friendly and educational pastime.

We have gathered together a collection of articles, based upon the four main sections within the model horse hobby- Model Horse Showing, Tack Making, Customising and Collecting, to show you what it is all about. Please visit each link below to access the articles and discover this unusual hobby. Enjoy!

Utterly Horses Hobby Projects
Utterly Horses runs several schemes and projects to help Newcomers who are new to the model horse hobby including the UH Live/Photo Show Scheme.

Model Horse Showing
There are three main types of showing within the Model Horse Hobby- Live Showing, Postal Showing and Photo Showing. In this section, we have articles that cover all three!

Tack Making
This involves making miniature scale tack for model horses. Making and using miniature tack for your model horses is an extremely fun part of the hobby! Our articles will show you how to make your own tack, care for it and display it on your models

Model horse customising is an incredibly fun activity. It can be as easy as repainting a model a different colour to remaking and changing the model completely. The articles in this section show you the different levels of customising from the simple to the complex.

Everyone is a collector; There are may ways to collect. Some people focus on particular models, or specific horse breeds, favourite colours or special editions. The articles in this section cover how to care for your models, how to repair them, how to value them and what collecting model horses is all about.

UH Download & Create Pages
The title says it all! Download each article and following the simple step by step guide to create model horse accessories, including a halter, bridle, rug and how to add a mohair mane to your model.

Quick Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the hobby just for adults or just for kids?
A: No! The good thing about this hobby is that it is for everyone, young and old. It is a very sociable hobby in which there are many opportunities to meet up with new friends and It is not limited to certain types of models either- anything goes!

Q: What are the different scales of most Model Horses?
A: There are five main sizes within the hobby. Traditional Models are 1:9 scale (one inch of model= 9 inches of real horse). Classics are 1:12 scale. Paddock Pals (also known as Pony Parade) are around 1:20 scale. Stablemates are 1:32 scale and Micros are 1:48 scale.

Q: Where can i learn more about the hobby?
A: The best way to learn about the hobby is to get involved. Our forum ( is a great place to talk to like minded people, swap stories and find out more about this exciting hobby.

Another way is to join a Model Club, like the Utterly Horses Club or subscribe to a magazine. Magazines can help you get the most out of collecting, by featuring “How-to” articles, keeping hobbyists up to date with the latest model news and offering interesting thought provoking articles. One such magazine is the “Model Horse Magazine”-