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Breyer Saddle Club Mini Whinnies

Manufacturer: Breyer

Item: Breyer Saddle Club Mini Whinnies

Item number: 100172

Price: £3.95 (approx €4.55 or $6.37)

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The Saddle Club Mini Whinnies 3 Horse Set featuring tiny models of Belle, Starlight and Prancer. Lisa, Stevie and Carole, the heroines of The Saddle Club television series, are learning about life and riding at Pine Hollow Stables, where they share adventures with their equine friends. Each horse is 3cm High (from bottom of their hooves to the top of their ears) and are 1:64th scale.

Great to collect or as little gifts in party bags. You can even use them on top of birthday cakes!

Other Details:

Model: Breyer Saddle Club Mini Whinnies

Price: £3.95 (approx €4.55 or $6.37)

Artist: Breyer

Colour: Mixed

Breed: Mixed Breed

Dimensions: 3cm High

Manufacturer: Breyer

Scale: Micro