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Breyer "Hungry as a Horse" Book

Manufacturer: Breyer

Item: Breyer "Hungry as a Horse" Book

Item number: 6143

Price: £4.95 (approx €5.70 or $7.98)

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Sirocco, the lone colt among a trio of fillies, is always hungry. Will he lose his appetite when his fellow Wind Dancers challenge him to learn to cook, or will he become a chef extraordinaire?

Four tiny horses with shiny manes and shimmery wings burst from a dandelion seed. Four magical horses who can fly! Dancing on the wind, surrounded by magical haloes, they are the Wind Dancers. Delighted with themselves and with their newly discovered magic, the four new friends- Kona, Brisa, Sumatra, and Sirocco- set out to discover all that their magic has to offer.

80 pages, Full-Colour Illustrations.

Other Details:

Model: Breyer "Hungry as a Horse" Book

Price: £4.95 (approx €5.70 or $7.98)

Artist: Breyer

Colour: Mixed

Breed: None

Dimensions: 80 pages

Manufacturer: Breyer

Scale: Not Scaled